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Student Testimonials

* Cristiane, I just wanted to one more time say THANKS! This class was an amazing experience. I LOVE music and dance, but it was the first time in my life dancing something and was great (not me, but the experience!!!) Between us, this was more than a dance class for me. .  I was learning about my body and how to move it, how to feel the music, the passion involved in the rhythm. Thanks so much for you patience and smiles.  You are a great teacher!!!!

Abigail (the one from Puerto Rico) - University of Notre Dame


* Cristiane, thank you for two amazing sessions of Brazilian Dance. Your class is the best part of my week. Your energy and enthusiasm is awesome. I had such a great time watching you perform in Chicago. I look forward to seeing you next semester!

Rachel Polinski - University of Notre Dame


I liked the class. It gives me a decent-to-good workout (Beginner's class). Christiane is a good teacher, lots of enthusiasm, which makes the class fun. I like the level of the class - not too hard, but still a good workout. The class is also easier on my knees than a step aerobics class or using a stairmaster.

  A fun class, I learn a few dance steps, I learn a little rhythm, I get a decent workout.

John Kelly
Manager, Applications Support (Ancillary Systems)
Enterprise Systems Department
Office of Information Technologies
University of Notre Dame

* Cristiane is an amazing teacher and person. She has incredible enthusiasm and energy, and it transmits to everyone around her. The class environment is very relaxed and open, and she treats everyone as friends as well as students. This was my first time trying Brazilian dancing, and I very much enjoyed the music and the movements. Thank you so much for the great experience.

Kristine (one of the Canadians) - University of Notre Dame


* Cristiane, thank you for introducing me to Brazilian Dance! As you know, I am a law student who doesn't have much free time. No matter how busy I get, I always make time to come to your dance class! It is a priority for me because I enjoy seeing the friendly faces and dancing with you and the other students. The dances are fun, fast, and exciting, and spending time dancing frees my mind of the things I worry about. You are a beautiful person and great teacher, and I'm so glad to be in your class for another semester!

Thanks again,
Cathy Milkey - University Of Notre Dame

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