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Samba Dance Classes

Brazilian Dance

Did you ever imagine that someday it would be possible to learn Brazilian dance in your area?

Oh Yeah! Now it is!!!

I’m a native Brazilian and a professional dance teacher with 10 + years of experience. I would like to invite everyone to learn a little about our rich warm culture thought Brazilian tropical, exotic and sensual dance:

Samba - the energetic national rhythm of Brazil

Axé - choreographed Afro-Brazilian rhythm

Forró - lively syncopated dance

Pagode - tropical dance music

Batucada - exciting, all percussion jam just like carnaval in Brazil

When people hear the beat of the drums they are not able to stand still, the positive vibrations flow through their bodies and they start to move with no hesitation. Just take a peek in one of my classes and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

My purpose is to teach people how to enjoy happy moments and forget, even for an hour, their worries, problems, depressions and stress. Brazilians are experts at doing this...if you’ve ever experienced Carnaval you know what I mean! In my class anything less than joyfulness doesn’t exist!!!

The Classes

In my classes I teach step-by-step choreographies of Brazilian rhythms and briefly explain the lyrics and their meanings. This way my students have a better understanding of Brazilian culture.

Everyone is welcome to and women of all ages, no partner is necessary. Classes for children are also available (see schedule). My only requirement is to bring lots of energy!!!

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